What is Daily Flirt?

Daily Flirt is Germany's online platform for casual dating, and clearly distinguishes itself from other singles chats, dating platforms or lonely hearts advertisement markets. At Daily Flirt, you meet other people with the same demands and interests, who want to share their need for more experiences and eroticism and live out these longings.

How does Daily Flirt work?

In order to use Daily Flirt, you first need to register. It's free, without obligation, and can be done in just a few easy steps. When registering, you tell us what sort of contact you're looking for. This is very simple and doesn't take longer than five minutes. After registering, you'll immediately receive initial contact suggestions perfectly matching your interests and search criteria. Using a matching algorithm developed by Daily Flirt, personality traits of those seeking contacts are compared, and suggested contacts sent. You can look through the profiles of the suggested contacts at ease, and if one profile particularly catches your eye, get in touch with them. How things go from there on, is totally up to you.

Who is Daily Flirt aimed at?

Daily Flirt is aimed at all those aged 18 and over who set high standards for both themselves and others, who enjoy life with a passion and who are in search of casual dates. Unlike other dating platforms, with Daily Flirt you don’t have to search a long time to find someone who shares your interests and intentions.

How can I become a member of Daily Flirt?

To become a member of Daily Flirt, simply register here. The registration process is very easy and takes only a few minutes. Immediately after registration, you'll receive initial contact suggestions perfectly matching your interests.

Are there free test memberships at Daily Flirt?

Registering atDaily Flirt is completely free. You can then complete your own profile without any restrictions, and adjust and change this at any time as you wish. You'll constantly receive new contact suggestions matching your interests without any restriction. Similarly, you too will be suggested to other members as a contact (totally anonymously of course), and may receive mail from them. If you find interesting contact suggestions, simply switch to premium membership and you can then instantly read all received messages, make contact yourself, and arrange casual dates with other users without restriction.

Is contact guaranteed at Daily Flirt?

Yes! As one of the first casual dating sites, we are so convinced of our service's effectiveness that we give you a contact guarantee! Every premium member is guaranteed 5 contact suggestions per month! But if you have not received an average of five contact suggestions per month at the end of your premium membership, we'll extend your premium membership for free until the guaranteed number of contact suggestions is reached.

How are the contact suggestions compiled?

We use our matching algorithm, specially developed for Daily Flirt, to send you contact suggestions for members who best fit your search criteria. Your suggestions will be constantly amended and updated. Every user thus receives the right contact suggestions to match their individual interests and needs.

Will all members of this site be able to see my profile photo?

At Daily Flirt you can remain anonymous for as long as you want. This also means that you get to set who is able to see your profile photo. When you upload a photo, the default setting is that another member of this site can only see this profile photo blurred-out. If you would like to make your profile photo visible to all, go to “My Profile” and deactivate the “Only visible on request” setting. If you want to take a completely anonymous look around and don't want to upload a profile photo, a placeholder will be shown in its place, which you can change during the registration process. These placeholders are generally displayed in a blurred-out way to other members of the site.

Why am I seeing blurred-out images?

The confidentiality and anonymity of its users is of the utmost importance to Daily Flirt. Only premium members will be able to see the photos of other members of the site. Whilst you are not yet a premium member of the site you'll therefore only see blurred-out images. Though, as a premium member there are circumstances where another member of the site still hasn't uploaded their profile photo or shared this with you. In this instance as well, a blurred-out image will be displayed as a placeholder. The decision to place the sharing of profile photos into the hands of its own members underlines the standards set by Daily Flirt regarding anonymity and discretion.

How can I optimise my search?

Try not to make your search criteria too restrictive at the start. This will increase the probability of getting lots of interesting contact suggestions. If you receive too many contact suggestions, you should limit the search step by step.

How come I've received a suggested contact not living in my region?

Many erotic dates are sought in the same region. Many people search in other cities or even in another country in order to fulfil their secret dreams. Here too, it is up to the individual casual daters whether and how they make or respond to contact. All members can select up to 5 countries and regions in order to find the right date.

How can I edit or amend my profile?

You can edit or amend your profile at any time under "My Profile" in your personal area (login area). Once that is done, we'll re-compare your modified data using our matching algorithm, and, if applicable, send you other contact suggestions soon after.

Where can I view or edit my login details?

Go to "My Profile" and click on "Settings" to view or edit your email address and password, or simply click here. Please note that your new login details are case sensitive.

How can I contact other members?

If you have received a contact suggestion, you can contact this member immediately. Use the box beneath the profile to do this. If you receive a message from a member, there is also a box below the message where you can enter your text.

I want to become a premium member. How can I pay and can this also be done anonymously?

Daily Flirt offers various payment options. You can choose between direct debit and credit card.

Are my details secure?

Yes. The security of your data has top priority at Daily Flirt. The greatest possible degree of data security is guaranteed through technical protective measures such as SSL encryption when entering payment details.

How can I disable the external email notifications?

You can disable the email notifications here or under "My Profile/Settings". Simply click on the box next to "Enable notifications" to remove the check mark. From then on, you must always actively check your member area to see whether you have received new contact suggestions or responses to your requests. That's why we recommend leaving the notification option enabled.

Not many contacts are getting in touch with me, why is that?

One must always make the first move. Why don't you take the initiative yourself and write to your suggested contacts?

Your question hasn't been answered?

Please contact our customer service team. We will be pleased to help.